Want to boost your Email Marketer sending speed ? get our MPS Add-on

What is MPS

MPS Stands for Multi Process Sending and is our newest Interspire Email Marketer add-on.
It allows you to send an email campaign over multiple simultaneous connections and results in much higher sending speeds...

There are parameters that you can tweak in the MPS Module. All management of the module is cleanly build inside the Interspire Interface, so you will have no hassle with editing complex configuration files. The following parameters can be changed :

  • You can enable or disable sending via the MPS Module at any time
  • You can adjust the number of simultaneous threads that are being used
  • You can adjust how many mails need to be sent per cycle
  • You can adjust the time in milliseconds between each process check
  • You can adjust the number of mails being sent per batch

  • All these adjustable features can help you in finetuning performance for your specific environment. We can advice on general settings for most of the servers today.
    These settings allow you a very fine and granular way of adjusting performance.

    In the builtin Log Viewer from Interspire each campaign is logged together with informaton such as maximum memory consumption, total time sent, amount of emails per second and amount of emails per hour.